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Group Events:

For groups of 20 people or more, our Events Coordinator will help you create a group menu tailored to your group's budget, preferences, and dietary restrictions.

Our Events Coordinator, John Qualley and Chef John Daly are some of the best in the business at ensuring that your party, event, or dinner goes off without a hitch. They are also able to work with you directly to customize your occasion to meet your budget, vibe, and taste. Whether you are interested in planning a formal rehearsal dinner, a full restaurant buy-out, or even a casual company happy hour gathering with appetizers and cocktails, the Appaloosa Grill and its staff are ready to provide you an experience you will not soon forget! Thank you for considering Appaloosa Grill for your special event and we look forward to working with you soon!

In order to help you plan your event and to answer your preliminary questions, below we have provided links to descriptions of our rooms, photographs, group menus, frequently asked questions, and more.

If you are interested in booking an event with the Appaloosa Grill, contact Megan Matthews at:

Group Drinks:

We are happy to accommodate your needs and preferences for the beverage options of your event. Many of our guests prefer to pre-order bottles of wine or limit their guests to certain types of beverages, such as house wine, beer, and well or call liquors. We can tailor your drink options to match your budget!

Our non-alcoholic beverages are $2.50 a piece
Alcoholic beverages range on a tier of well, call, and premium.
· Our well drinks (Crystal Palace, etc.) are $4 a piece on average.
· Our call drinks (Stoli, Jack Daniels, etc.) are $5.50 on average.
· Our premium drinks (Grey Goose, Tanqueray, etc.) are $7-9 on average.
Draft beers are $4.50-$5.50.
House wine glasses (merlot, cabernet, and chardonnay) are $5.75. Non-house wine ranges from $6 to $12 a glass.

Group & Event Rooms:

Appaloosa Grill recently expanded, and now has two comfortable rooms which has doubled our capacity! Our restaurant is decorated with stunning red curtains, local eclectic artwork, and furnished with contemporary, yet comfortable, furniture. Click here to view photos of the restaurant.

Our restaurant has a capacity of 120 people for a sit-down event and 150 people for a cocktail event.

Our main room has a capacity of 65 for a sit-down event and 100 for a cocktail event. The tables in this room can easily be configured for any party size or cocktail reception. The stage area is in this room, making the space ideal for a late evening cocktail reception with built-in entertainment or for a corporate or special event with a presentation or announcements.

The room next to the bar seats approximately 65 people between 12 comfortable booths and four cozy tables.

The Wright Room is now open for business!

We are proud to announce that our brand new 1,200sf private dining room is now available for booking. Our expert team will help customize virtually any type of event for you. We will stay in touch with you throughout the entire process and be there for you right up to the day of your event to help handle any unforeseen issues.  Contact our events coordinator Megan Mathews to get started. / (303) 503-4470


Located directly ABOVE our main dining room, this one of a kind, custom furnished & completely private space offers: mood lighting, leather sofas, lounge chairs, 14 foot tufted leather booth, 20 foot oak community table, 10 foot induction buffet table and fantastic elevated views of the 16th St. Mall through its giant floor to ceiling windows.


The Wright Room is fully modular and capable of handling many types & sizes of groups based on your needs. Below are the basics on how you would be situated based on group size. The minimum group size is 20.

20-26 person COMMUNITY TABLE: The optimal size for a sit down dinner is 20-26. Guests would be seated at on a gorgeous 20' x 56" oak plank table. Parties of 27-35 can be accommodated by utilizing our 14' booth in the adjacent lounge area. Depending on the time of day and group size, Community Table events may be eligible for plated service.

35-45 person BANQUET DINNER: The community table is actually comprised of multiple tables that can split into two 20' x 28" tables. While this is obviously a "tighter" situation it still allows for good mobility on all sides of both tables and easy access to the bar & buffet. This size group is buffet only.

35-65 person STANDING RECEPTION: In this scenario we would clear most of the tables from the room allowing room for a larger gathering. We would offer a full service bar, cocktail service, lounge style seating along the windows and full buffet for "grazing".

THEATER/CLASSROOM SETUP: The tables may also be arranged to face the projector in rows that would accommodate a presenter and an audience of up to 30 people.


The room is also fully equipped with a custom A/V system that can handle anything you need. At your disposal is the owner Johnny to make anything you want to achieve possible. At his disposal are: 108" projection setup, 6 way speaker system with subwoofer, DirecTV, BlueRay, wireless microphone, house laptop, and full wireless connectivity (via AppleTV or Chromecast). We have your back and will make it easy for you. Feel free to contact with any questions.



1) How do I plan an event with Appaloosa Grill?

First, look over the Appaloosa Grill website.

Second, email or call Megan Matthews at or 303-503-4470. Email is preferred.

Third, you will select a group menu for your party (group menus are suggested for parties with more than 15 guests and required for parties with more than 25 guests). You can view our general party menus and the Event Coordinator can provide you with more menu options to create a unique menu tailored to your food preferences, budget, and any dietary restrictions. Click here to view the group menus.

Fourth, you and the Event Coordinator will discuss drink options, payment options (one check, cash bar, etc.), and any other special requests you may have for your special event.

Fifth, the Event Coordinator will email you a summary of the event, which you will need to sign and return to Appaloosa Grill.

Sixth, enjoy the drinks and food at your event!

2) Is there a cover charge?

There is never a cover at Appaloosa Grill except for ticketed national talent performances or New Year’s Eve. However our friendly door staff will ask for donations as you are showing your ID. All proceeds go directly to the bands!

3) Is there a room or reservation fee?

Appaloosa Grill never charges a flat room or reservation fee for our guests. However, if a group would like to do a partial or full restaurant buyout (reserving an entire room or the entire restaurant), Appaloosa Grill often requires a minimum spending amount per hour for the event. The required minimum spending amount will vary depending upon the day and time of your scheduled event to reflect the sales Appaloosa Grill would normally achieve on that particular date and time. The minimum spending amount would apply toward the group’s purchases of food and beverages.

4) Can I reserve the entire restaurant or an entire room of the restaurant?


Our restaurant has a capacity of 120 people for a sit-down event and 150 people for a cocktail event. Our main room has a capacity of 65 for a sit-down event and 100 for a cocktail event.

If you are interested in potentially reserving the entire restaurant or main room, contact for the minimum spending amount required.

5) What if I need to make an announcement or speech?

Appaloosa Grill has its own top-of-the-line sound system and is happy to provide a microphone for announcements or speeches.

6) Does Appaloosa Grill have any audio-visual capabilities for presentations?

Yes. We have a 42” flat screen television in our main room. We are happy to assist our guests in setting up any type of presentation including a PowerPoint. We have a DVD player and can provide a laptop, if necessary.

7) When does the band begin and how do I know who is playing on the night of my event?

Appaloosa Grill has a live band every night of the week, which begins promptly at 10 p.m. We also feature music on Friday evenings for our Happy Hour from 5-7 p.m. You can find out who is playing on the Live Music portion of our website. In certain circumstances, we can also let our guests booking private events assist in selecting the genre of music for their particular event, and even start the music earlier in the evening.

8) Is Appaloosa Grill handicap accessible and wheelchair friendly?

Yes and yes!

9) Does Appaloosa Grill have a television?

Yes, there is one TV in the main dining room. There are no TVs in the bar.

10) Where should I tell my guests to park?

Since we are located downtown, Appaloosa Grill does not have its own parking lot. However, there is ample metered street parking and several affordable parking lots located directly adjacent to the Appaloosa Grill. Two lots are accessible from Welton: one directly across from Appaloosa Grill and another below the Denver Pavilions (accessible on the east side of Welton directly before 16th Street).

11) What if someone in our group has allergies or special dietary restrictions?

We are not only able, but also enthusiastic to cater to allergies or special dietary needs, including gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan diets. All of our food items are from Colorado farms and everything including our ketchup, is prepared fresh in-house. We can include vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten free items in the pre-set menu choices and do special requests or modifications of menu items. Our menu indicates which items are gluten free and vegetarian! Need to confirm it shows gluten free on the singleplatform version.

12) Can a large party order a la carte?

We usually recommend that parties over 15 guests select a pre-set menu and we require parties with over 25 guests to have a pre-set menu.

The reason we recommend and require group menus is because of the simplicity and efficiency associated with group menus. Our staff can quickly take the orders of the guests, the kitchen can quickly cook the food, and the staff can easily and quickly process payment. Moreover, with a pre-set menu, the kitchen can ensure that there will be plenty of each food item for all the guests, rather than running out of a popular regular menu item.

13) How many people does your restaurant seat?

Our restaurant has a capacity of 120 people for a sit-down event and 150 people for a cocktail event. Our main room has a capacity of 65 for a sit-down event and 100 for a cocktail event.

14) What if our group needs separate checks, alcohol on a separate check than the food, or any other similar payment option?

We can easily accommodate any payment option for our guests. We do recommend one check for ease of payment at the conclusion of the event, but we are happy to accommodate our guests’ needs!

15) Your main room capacity is 65 people. May I reserve that entire room for only 25-30 people?

Usually not. For a Saturday or Sunday morning event, we may be able to reserve the entire space for your group. All other days and times, we usually cannot reserve that entire space for a group of less than 35 people, unless your group would be willing to meet a minimum spending amount for the room.

If you are interested in a non-private event, our main room is very spaciously set-up, with large curtains to absorb ambient noise. Additionally, we have two long parallel tables we set up for our larger parties which sit against our back wall with a booth set away from many of the other tables. Many of our guests from parties with 25-35 guests expressed their pleasant surprise on how intimate and private their event seemed, despite not having the entire room to themselves

16) Is a deposit required to reserve the space for my event?

No. We never require a deposit to make a reservation or for a group event. We do, however, request that our guests provide us with a credit card number, only in the case of a last minute (less than 48 hours notice) cancellation. In the case of such a last minute cancellation, we charge $100 for parties of less than 25 people and $250 for parties of more than 25 people. We are, however, fully understanding when events are cancelled due to inclement weather and emergencies.

Coming Soon: In late spring 2013 we will be opening another group event space for private events for groups of 35 people or less! Stay tuned for pictures and more information!

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